The Apple Shack Farm Shop

Our shop on the farm is open 10am- 4.30pm daily. There is no entry fee to visit our farm shop, the Apple Shack.

You can taste test and purchase our fresh produce. We have apples, honey, alcoholic and non-alcoholic apple cider, apple cider vinegar- with the mother and unpasteurised. We have delicious honey meads (honey dessert wines).

We carry a wide range of apple and fruit products including jam.

We have special prices on bulk apple purchases.

Tours of the farm
Tours are available of the farm at certain times of the year in small groups to provide personal attention and a detailed look at what is happening on the farm. A backdoor look at what we do!

These are very special and not held all the time. We design a range of tours to suit the time of year.

We can only include fruit picking in summer and autumn. In other words this is usually during the months November to April.

At other times of the year there are a range of orchard activities to experience such as pruning and flowering.

You get to ask all the questions you have always had about farming. Talking direct to the family farmer….you can't beat that!

These tours have a charge (variable depending on the tour) and are usually 1-2 hours in length.

Details on available tours are located here.

NOTE: If the calendar will not work then there are no available sessions.

Tours can be arranged for mini bus groups with your own mini bus. Availability is limited and must be arranged in advance. Pricing will depend on the tour that is arranged. Ring the orchard to arrange a quotation.

Apple, peach and nectarine picking

Apple, peaches and nectarine picking is available through booking on an Orchard Experience Tour, on select days November till April.

We cannot set dates too far in advance, due to the dynamic nature of the activity.

Tours are mostly offered on weekend days when we believe we can offer the best experience. Availability of tours depends on weather conditions, commercial activities, fruit ripeness, staffing and bus availability. We take these tours in small groups , usually up to 20 persons.

The tour is by mini bus. Duration is 1-2hrs. The ticket price includes an opportunity to pick and some fruit to take home. Additional kilos of fruit picked to take home above what is in the ticket price is charged at the market rate at the time. The majority of the time there will be one fruit type to pick but sometimes there are more. These tours have many 'selfie' opportunities.

For availability, more information and bookings click here

Berry Picking
Our berries (raspberries) are available from November till March as a pick your own activity. The weather and number of people who picked before you can affect availability.

We can never guarantee ahead of time how many there will be for picking. It is not necessary to book this, it is dependent on availability at the time of your visit. You are charged for the berries you pick at the market rate at the time. We show you how to pick and then leave you to it.

Even if you are an expert berry picker we will take the time to show you how we do it. We know that you will want to taste a few. We ask that you taste test a reasonable amount only in respect of the care and time we give to allow this experience without additional charge. We rely on the return from the sale of the berries to continue to offer the activity and appreciate your care and respect for our family business.

We can arrange for professional photo shoots and wedding photography on the farm. There are charges and booking fees associated with this. You will have exclusive use of the area without fighting other photographers for that special spot and we provide a staff member to accompany you. Charges depend on the activity and length of the shoot. Please call us for a quote. As a guide, the minimum fee for a wedding shoot is $330 (inc GST).

Phone or email us for enquiries or bookings.

Access is by private transport. There are no viable public transport options. The closest railway station is Helensburgh which is 12km away.

Other things to do
In the area there are other things to do and combine with a visit to our farm shop.

The Darkes Forest Riding Ranch is a few kms down the road for horse riding, and the Dharrawal National Park has many bush walks including the Maddens Falls walk directly across from our orchard main gate.

Sublime Point Cafe is about 5 mins drive south from our farm along with other cafe's and restaurants.

Symbio Zoo is a five minute drive to the north of our farm.

Apple Pie Bakeoff! 20th August 2017 Apple pie bakeoff competition

Competition Details


Ring (02) 42943421 and also check out our Glenbernie Orchard Facebook page for updates on our farm activities.

For the Masterchef fans, Glenbernie was featured on MasterChef in 2012.
Gary Mehigan conducted a dessert masterclass in the packing shed.
A magnificent apple strudel was cooked and served.

Thanks Masterchef! We had a great day!



Apple Shack

at Glenbernie Orchard
259 Darkes Forest Rd
Darkes Forest NSW 2508

T: (02) 4294 3421

Open Times:
Open 7 Days 10am - 4.30pm